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Champion Belt

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In homage to our childhood, the Champion Belt represents everything we wanted to be as we gathered around the tv set with our dad to watch Monday night wrestling. Fascinated by it, we created our own federation amongst our family and friends. For the desired champion belts, our brother Jorge would produce replicated versions made of paper. To us, these belts meant everything. We all wanted to earn the right to be called, "Champion".

Made from Italian leather, suede lining, and silver hardware. Made in LA.

The belt can be worn as a fanny pack if sizing allows. Comes with an extender to be worn as a sling. 

Without Extender | MIN: 33.5IN   MAX: 36.5IN

With Extender | MIN: 46IN    MAX: 55.5IN 

Height: 6.5IN / Width: 26IN / Depth: 2.25IN